Why is this needed?

First of all, in order to make your life as a developer easier and save your time! Less distracted by routine operations with clients, you can concentrate on the most important thing - product development.


Sales automation

Generated keys can be put on any service for the sale of digital goods.

Working with resellers

Establish distribution and those. support of your software with the help of partners, while retaining full control over them.

Additional protection

Авторизация на удаленном сервере вместо пользователского ПК заметно усложнит жизнь для "любознательных" пользователей.

Detailed statistics

You will always have detailed information about your customers, keys and statistics of using your software at your fingertips.

How it works?

Getting started with the service is as simple as possible. Your software and server will communicate using HTTP(S).
After registration you only need to do a few simple steps - the whole integration process will take very little time.

Details in the documentation

In your personal account, you create a product and generate keys to it.


In your program code, you send a specially formed request to the server and receive an encrypted string in response.


Make a series of operations on the received answer and, depending on the code received after decryption, either allow access to your software or not.

Main features of the service

Generation of usual keys (which are bonded to hardware) for any period in the required number
Generation of public keys that anyone can use (for various promotions, trials, etc.)
Bulk renewal and key deletion features
rkn Blocking users by HWID
Private products, access to which only users from a pre-prepared list have access
Product version management - you will be able to notify users of available updates
Logging of all requests coming from your clients with the ability to view and convenient filtering
View detailed information on all your unique customers
In addition to authentification, it is also possible to send yourself notifications to the admin panel or Telegram

Test access

$ 0

  • 7 days from registration
  • Max 5 products
  • Maximum 50 keys
  • Maximum 50 bans / privates
  • You can test how it works
  • We will answer all your questions


$ 25

per month
  • Logs storage for last 3 months
  • All functions available
  • Detailed API Description
  • Ready example code for integration
  • Technical support through a widget on the site


$ 500

one time
  • Ability to edit source code
  • Full control over the server
  • Полный котроль над сервером
  • Configured FTP access
  • Assistance with installation and deployment
  • Priority technical support


How to contact you?
You can write to me via the chat widget on this page, which is located on the right bottom corner of the site. Open it and write your question. Maybe I won't answer right away. Have a little patience. As soon as I see the message, I will definitely reply. If the chat is offline, then you can still ask your question, I will see it too.
Yes, of course it is possible, the price will depend on the tasks.
After registration you will have access to pages with examples.